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If you are thinking about changing, renewing, refurbishing, or maintaining your current canopy and ventilation system just pick up the phone and call us today. Even if you are about to set up a new bespoke system, again it is worth calling and visiting us just before you start! By keeping costs and overheads down we are able to offer very competitive prices.

  • Kitchen Canopies

    A brief description about the kitchen canopies goes here ......

  • Stainless Steel Walls

    A brief description about the Stainless Steel Walls goes here ......

  • All Canopy Hoods

    A brief description about all Canopy hoods goes here ......

  • Duct Work Design

    A brief description about Duct work Design goes here ......

  • Ventilation Systems

    A brief description about the Ventilation Systems goes here ......

  • One Year Warranty

    All our products are covered for a year. Provided we do the whole installation and it is not just a patch fix or a one off maintenance work.

Our Gallery

Our aim is to supply a high quality service whilst still meeting todays fast turnaround expectations. We have, over the past few years, increased our facilities and can now offer a greater range of specialist services..

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